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Join 10,000 developers and technologists at Codetivate unique week-long Conference and Hackathon on December 7-14, all-virtual and free. Hosted by Devtranet, the official network for developers.

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2021 Codetivate at a glance

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We're Going 6X BIGGER this 2022!

Introducing the 2-in-one Experience

Learn From Workshops

Take your code to the next level. Become proficient in what you know and learn about new technologies that emerge every day so you can incorporate them to make your next project better.

Mentorship for Growth

Get connected with a mentor that will guide you and help in paving your career path. Code review, debugging, virtual coffee chats, meetups, and AMAs. Design your adventure together.

Get Inspired By Tech talks

Come for educational but controversial tech talks. Who knows if talks like "is Blockchain just hype?" could propel you to launch an app that educates one million individuals about Blockchain and crypto?

Build Things That Scale

All the big products from companies today started from very humble beginnings but with a futuristic and clear goal in mind. Don't just make things for your portfolio, solve a real problem.

Launch Them Worldwide

A launchpad for immense growth. Find collaborators and share all the cool things you're making and building every day with the global community at Codetivate, whether big or small.

Get Hired For Jobs

Land your next job without spending countless hours searching the web extensively, getting ghosted by recruiters, or receiving a load of cold outreaches for jobs that aren't a good fit for you.

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Event Tracks

Codetivate open challenge
Codetivate blockchain and crypto
Web Development
API and Microservices
AI and Machine Learning
Robotics and IoT
Mobile Development
Founders and Startups
New developer technologies at Codetivate
New Developer Technologies
Codetivate cloud services track
Cloud Services

Some of Codetivate 2021 Speakers

Dora Palfi

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Olusola Ayoola

Founder and CEO

Anke Liu

Community and Events Manager

Hana Gabrielle

Technology Program Associate

Michelle Marcelline


Rishabh Dhingra

Solutions Consulltant-Business Analytics

Zach Latta

Founder and Executive Director


UI/UX Designer, KipleX

Jay Silver

First-ever Maker Researcher

2021 Partners and Sponsors

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A hackathon is week-end long invention marathon where people compete to build technical prototypes in a short period of time (24-36 hours). With the help of workshops and mentors you can build an app, a website, a robot—the possibilities are endless!

Codetivate is open to anyone passionate about tech!

No, it’s free, thanks to our amazing sponsors!

This year, Codetivate will run virtually and use platforms like Hopin, Discord, and Zoom. We will provide more details on how to participate as we get closer to the date.

Codetivate is beginner friendly! We have introductory workshops tailored to first-time hackers. If you want to fine tune your skills, join our community of learners on Discord.

While you have the option to work alone, if you want to submit your project you must work with at least one other person. Don’t worry if you don’t have a team—you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find one virtually! Codetivate will be hosting a variety of team formation activities, and we will also have a Discord channel dedicated to team formation leading up to and during the event.

Teams can consist of 2-4 hackers. You can form a team before the hackathon, and there will be team formation events prior to the event. We highly encourage that advanced hackers bring on beginner hackers to mentor throughout the event.

Your project will be submitted through Devpost. Your submission must include a video demo (no longer than 2 minutes) that showcases your project, a basic description of your project, and the challenge(s) for which you want your project to be considered. More details will be shared ahead.

All workshops, activities and events will be taking place virtually and livestreamed to YouTube so you can catch up with the ones you missed.

Mentoring will all be done through Discord. To request a mentor, send a message in the #ask-a-mentor channel and one will be in touch with you as soon as they are available!

Make sure to attend the Career Fair because recruiters will be there. You should also complete your profile, upload your resume, and also check the jobs portal for job postings. Once it goes live.

We’re happy to help, shoot us a email